Monday, 4 August 2008

Welcome to the KCCD blog!

Yes indeed, finally we have gotten started with this blog that for sure will ruin our reputation as the preparations and trip move along!

On this blog you can follow the process with preparing for the world trip, and when we are on the road we target to update it as often as possible with text and pictures from this ambitious escape from a normal life with fixed routines, bills, domestic problems, employers and a lot of other stuff we dislike.

This will be the ultimate Nimbus adventure, and will show what both we and the 70 years old bikes are good for. There is no challenges in the world, just loosers and cowards. We hope to prove we are not in any of these two categories.

Please do not hestitate to contact us if you got any questions, want to buy us a beer along the road, feel the urge to sponsor us with a million or help us out in one or another way.

See also for more info about this real trip, and compare it with McGregor and Boormans Brokeback Mountain trip on brand new B(rokeback)M(ountain)W(agon) motorcycles at . We might not be as rich as them, but at least we keep our integrity.


Nothing can go wrong when you got the right connections.


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