Monday, 1 September 2008

Stopped by the Stork

Then it’s finally official, the Polar Bear is out of this great, idiotic world trip on pre-war motorcycles. It was not his health that stopped it, nor was it his guts, and it was definitely not his wits. It was the damn Stork. The stork and the PB’s sense of responsibility has betrayed him badly, with the result that his chances to get robbed, killed in traffic accidents and kidnapped by the FARC guerrilla has dramatically decreased. God see mercy in his soul.

A while ago he was not able to get on the phone. After five days we succeeded on getting in touch with him and asked why he did not pick up the phone for so long time. “Been busy” he said. “How come?” we asked. “Lot of things to do” “How come?” we asked again. “I became a father before this weekend”. We were stunned and could not believe it, we had heard nothing.

The next question was of course who was the lucky mother, as we had not heard about it. It turned out to be Ane, his girlfriend which he’d been living together with for the last year. “When did you get to know it then?” We were curious and shocked as we asked. “The same day as it happened”.

We congratulate the Polar Bear (PB) with his Polar Cub named Oliver(PC), and wish good luck, though we are insulted for not naming him “Knut Tormod”, as well as the fact that we’ve lost a highly appreciated team member.


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