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Connecticut and Long Island

For the first time in the history about when we were touring Uncle Sam-Land we been driving for days without freezing at all. Fair enough, we got stuck in a snow storm in Albany before we bothered about pushing on, but when we finally hit the road the weather became really decent.

The good weather might had something to do with the spring approaching, but even more likely it was because we finally had gotten donated proper electric heated gear. It’s just like with rain suits, if you carry them with you you’ll never see any rain what so ever.

First stop after Albany was Seymour, Connecticut, where we visited the legendary magician and Johnny Fox . The area was a very interesting stop, there is a lot of old brass mills around, besides our friend Johnny is a professional sword swallower and eccentric that collects to-headed turtles, human skulls and a lot of other things that turns out really handy. Indeed an interesting character.

After a couple of days we got a bit tired of the nutrition, which was foil for breakfast, sabre for lunch and sword for dinner and decided to move on. Johnny joined us, and we headed towards Montauk, Long Island, where he had some friends, and is that kind of places I just love. It used to be the hangout place for people like Andy Warhol, the photographer Peter Beard, besides Rolling Stones used to have some hellish holligongs out there.

Even more important though, is that it was also the location of Camp Hero, a US Army base that is said to have hosted some really scary and evil projects back in the day. The ground is pretty much like a Swiss cheese, with secret and evil catacombs. The crazy scientists went around here all day and laughed evil, disappeared man-of-war’s into hyperspace like just magicians are supposed to do, inter-locked and freed people from hyperspace, teleported soldiers and other cool stuff. I suppose all of this is absolutely true, and the evil ambience is still present though the camp is open to public now. For more info check out , everybody should know this kind of stuff.

We hung around Montauk a couple of days, though we kept a low profile as we were afraid of getting beamed up and interlocked in hyperspace. When we didn’t dare to stay any longer we decided to head west towards Shoreham.

Shoreham houses a huge tourist attraction that almost nobody knows about and even fewer has been there. What we’re talking about is the Wardenclyffe Tower and Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory. The tower is long gone, but the laboratory is still there. The plan was to use the 187 feet tall tower fom transmitting alternate current and communication signals wireless. He tested it a few times so sparks flew all over, while he walked around and laughed as evil as only he could do. Later the facilities was used by Agfa which grabbed the opportunity to dump a few tons of chemicals in the ground, so the area is shut off today and regarded as an environmentally potential hazardous place, which really doesn’t make it less charming. Indeed an interesting place, if you check out the history for instance at

From here we took farewell with Johnny and headed for New York City, and everybody agreed that it had been a nice trip.

For første gang i historien om da vi sullet rundt i Onkel Sam Land har vi nå kjørt flere dager rundt uten å fryse i det hele tatt. Riktignok ble vi sittende fast noen dager i en snøstorm før vi gadd å begynne å kjøre igjen, men da vi først tok av fra basen i Albany, NY, ble været riktig så bra.

Det gode været kan nok ha noe med årstiden å gjøre, men personlig tror jeg mest det er fordi vi ble donert en del elektrisk oppvarmete klær. Det antagelig samme effekt som å ha med regntøy, har en det med trenger man det ikke, men glemmer man det blir det regn.

Første stopp fra Albany var en bekjent og halvkjent magiker, Johnny Fox, , i Waterbury, Connecticut. Waterbury er et interessant sted, det er mange gamle messingverk, foruten at vår lokale helt er profesjonell sverdsluker og eksentriker som samler på tohodete skilpadder, hodeskaller og masse annet fint som er virkelig kjekt å ha. Rett og slett en interessant karakter.

Etter et par dager ble vi noe lei kostholdet som bestod av florett til frokost, korde til lunsj og sabel til middag. Johnny ble da med oss sydover til Long Island, nærmere bestemt Montauk som er et sted som også faller rett i mitt interesseområde. Det har vært tilholdssted for storheter som blant annet Andy Warhol, fotografen Peter Beard, foruten at Rolling Stones har hatt noen sabla hålligång her for å nevne noe.

Videre, og kanskje enda viktigere, Montauk var også en base for US Army og bakken er nærmest som en sveitserost. Det blir påstått at her ble det drevet med riktig så skumle prosjekter med gale vitenskapsmenn som gikk rundt og lo ondskapsfullt dagen lang, krigsskip som skulle forsvinnes som bare magikere kan og uheldigvis havnet i hyperspace. For de spesielt interessert kan de lære mer om dette gode prosjektet på

Etter å ha listet oss rundt i frykt for å havne i hyperspace, drukket kaffe på Peter Beards eiendom og sett solnedgangen vendte vi nesa østover. Omtrent midt på Long Island ligger Shoreham som også er et historisk sted vi måtte innom på turen til New York City. I dag er det riktignok ikke så mange som er klar over at stedet er en attraksjon, men for over hundre år siden hadde Nikola Tesla et laboratorie her med et svært tårn hvor han prøvde å sende vekselstrøm og diverse kommunikasjon transkontinentalt trådløst så gnistene føk og han gikk rundt og lo så ondt som bare han kunne.

I dag er det bare en original bygning igjen og stedet er noe forurenset etter Agfas senere filmproduksjon, men fortsatt verdt å se om en setter seg litt inn i historien på f. eks

Vi tok farvel med Johnny i Shoreham, og alle var enige om at det hadde vært en fin tur.

My only real interests used to be steam organs and Japanese musicians wearing firproof suits playing on burning grand pianos. Now I've become interested in two headed animals too and wanna get a two-headed dog, and maybe even a small two-headed elephant. Great inspiration to see Johnny's two-headed turtle.
Johnny could even swallow light sabres, like in star-trek.

Klaus, Johnny, me, Poni and Kirk at the cliffs on Long Island. The land slides didn't scare us, actually I've always wanted to win a land slide victory, which we practicall did this day as we did not fell down the cliff. bNot to steady ground for a pair of heavy bikes.

A lot of really nice houses at Long Island

The evil radar that were used at evil projects at the evil Camp Hero

A closed entry to the evil catacombs where the evil scientists were buzzing around

You don't get much more east on Long Island than this

Kirk and our host Toby, great surfer that surfs all year out at Montauk. Tough guy, and his wife were the same surfer breed. Great hosts that made us look like pussies with their winter surfing.

Andrea, Johnnys girl friend in the background. So good looking that the bike rather should have been in the background, but this blog is strictly about bikes.

Montauk light house

Ol' Nikola Teslas evil lab, the brick building in the back ground.

It's actually for sale, luckily I was broke so I didn't buy it.

Johnny got hungry so he just as well swallowed a sword at the Tesla Street


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Love this blog! Too bad you guys couldn't check out the Springfield History Museum in Massachusetts complete with Indian Motocycle stuff.

BTW: you all are nuts! :)


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