Monday, 24 May 2010

It's the Indian, not the arrow

There has been a major gap from where the story ended with a fire and a blown head gasket and serious motorcycle fire in Tennessee. It’s nothing I’ve wanted, or could help what so ever. The case is that it was so dramatic that first lately my pictures and notes were released from a mutual archive run by CIA, KGB and MI6, after they confiscated the material a while ago.

Down in Alabama, where the Rednecks grow so red, there’s another mentally challenged, or idiocy gifted man, which is our colleague. He plays in the same league as us. We beat him when it comes to awkward routes, but he beats the shit of us when it comes to awkward equipment. Folks, meet RTW-Doug.

So what makes him my colleague, except from being idiocy gifted? Nobody pays us for that of course. The case is that he’s turned his gift into doing serious long haul trips on old Indian and HD motorcycles, just like we do with the Nimbus. Nobody pays us for this either, it rather cost us everything we’ve got, but at least it appears to be some kind of a profession.

Doug went around the world in 2006 with he’s -48 Indian Chief. Last year he drove more or less parallel with us through Russia with his -62 HD Pan Head on another RTW trip. We’re talking about machines that are newer than ours, but way more refined and complicated. He still made it, and made it with a style we can just dream about.

I am mighty impressed. It totally proves that it’s the Indian, not the arrow that matters. Doug is making this with the worst possible machines out there, while others don’t dare to even go out of town with at least 2000$ worth of Touratech equipment on a brand new BMW “Offroader”.
And what’s Doug up to these days? Except from running a splendid motorcamp in Bulgaria with he’s great wife Poly, he’s building a old HD Shovel Head, in order to conquer the middle east this summer. Respect.

If you ever are around Bulgaria, make sure to drop by his motorcamp, and be sure to keep an eye on his travels either at advrider or his website.


We met up with Eddie at Sonic Burger, he came down from New York to meet up.

Gathering outside Doug's place

The -62 Panhead he used on his last RTW

Doug and his girlfriend Polina, great people to hang out with


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