Monday, 15 September 2008

Half of the remaining KCCD crew has become castaway in an Indian jungle, eating Malarone in a small malaria-infested village called Kakinada. In Kakinada it’s mainly kuk&nada as we’d say in Norwegian.

I’m here for work, and mainly it’s just work and sleep. The trip preparations are suffering quite a bit, but Klaus is doing his homework and Søren is working on the website while I’m away so we manage anyway.

India is interesting as always. Cows hanging around in the streets and sleeping in the roundabouts. Pigs trotter around downtown. Indians doing their best to get re-incarnated in the traffic.

These days the big hit is to celebrate Ganesh, the elephant dude. This appears to be an Indian festival, but what most people don’t know is that it’s the republican side in CIA that is the driver behind the entire thing, as a secret part of the election campaign.

I drove motorcycle in the darkness last week. It was a good feeling to drive here again and feel comfortable with the traffic as soon as I sat on the bike. I got confirmed that I haven’t become an old wimp yet.

I’ll be back in Norway in a weeks time, then it’s just to finish up the bikes and get 4000km on each, before the snow covers the motherland like a strangulating blanket. In only six months time we fuck off from bills and burdens, to again taste the flies and dust between our teeth.

In this booth they offer STD's

Ganesh, the most popular god in India.

In India the road is equally shared between kids, goats, cows, pigs, trucks, cars, bikes, buffaloes and everything else that is able to get out in the road.


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