Monday, 24 May 2010

New Orléans

For some magic reason my head gasket held up all the way to New Orleans, which is a distance of over 300 kilometers. I got no idea why and it really troubled me why it didn’t blow.

In the town of broken levies we were set up with JT Nesbitt, the former designer of Confederate motorcycles. Currently he was very busy with a roadster project he built from scratch with a natural gas powered Jaguar engine, so we made our stay in town short.

Though the stay was short I chose to tear off the cylinder head to check what was the matter as it had went this far without blowing the head gasket. As we first had it off JT was able to set me up with Scott Tudury in Morgan Town a 100 miles west that could plane the head.

I borrowed Eddie’s bike, took off to Scott and made it back in the afternoon. Scott was very helpful and had a great CNC shop, making parts for Oceaneering ROV’s (small submarines used for work on subsea oilfields) , exactly the kind of stuff I used to deal with for work.

The bike was finished early that night so we went to Bourbon Street and had a few drinks. It’s ok to have been there, but really nothing extraordinary. Directly lame compared to some Cuban parties, but for being in the states I suppose it was fair.

After two nights we moved on with new faith in the head and everybody agreed it had been a nice trip.


A popular scene from New Orleans, police is getting a dude
Bourbon Street

The very nice and helpful Scott Tudry at Apex CNC,

Scott is also a very good designer and photographer, make sure to check his pictures at


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