Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Camping in California

Our path from Visalia to Los Angeles took us through James Dean’s last junction, the very spot he met his creator, and over to the PCH. In O’bispo we met up with Jeff Davies from Austin that had been buying an old Guzzi in the Bay area and was going to ride it home.

It was good to catch up with Jeff again, and together we drove down to the Danish Disneylandtown called Solvang, a wannabe sort of funny Danish town in California. In fact the town was more Danish than the pope, and way more Danish than any town in Denmark.

A local member of Nimbus Club of USA, Alan Laugesen met up with us and made sure we got something to eat and a place to sleep. The night was wining and daning*, and next morning we headed down south to LA, or Seal Beach south of LA to be exact.

Seal Beach is the home of Kaj Pedersen, the chief and guy that started Nimbus club of USA. Kaj has been our promoter and logistic point in the southern point of the states, and our last chance to get the bikes ready for the arriba-arriba-areas south of the border.

To come to Kaj’s place was a bit like Christmas eve, it was all sorts of packages waiting from a half year of building up supplies. Brand new Davida helmets, spare parts from JC Nimbus, stickers and posters from ABM, and God knows what not.

Jeff left us the next morning wearing a Nimbus Club of USA t-shirt, swearing he had to get himself a Nimbus. Kaj is indeed a good promoter for Nimbus in the states. We were left with Kaj and his great family; his wonderful wife Debbie and his cool kids Kristina, and the somewhat rebellious 9 year old Dana, and everybody agreed it would be a nice stay.

–verb (used without object)
1.To act Danish, often including eating spandauer and shouting gutteral sounds that sounds Danish, or even using extremely Danish phrases like "drengefisse" or "spandauer"


The funniest place in California. Morro means fun in Norwegian.
Catching up with Jeff
The Danish Disney Land, Solvang. More Danish than the pope.
Olsen's Bakery, with good proper Danish Spandauer, the danish source of life.

Jeff and his new investment, a police Guzzi
Virgil outside his impressive motorcycle museum in Solvang. Hilarious guy that had a very relaxed attitude to a collection that was very very impressive.
For instance, how many Brittons have you seen the last week....

And yes, it's one of those infamous DKW's you could hear all the way to the Malaca Straights when they raced it on Isle of Man....

At Kaj's place finally...
Mark Christoffersen, me, Kaj, and Klaus in Mark's garden. Build up in a miningtown/dessert style.
Marks old Nimbus, this is how and old Nimbus looks like, if you thought ours is old.
Mark's radio-compass from a B17. This is way better than GPS, and a navigation instrument I would consider if I went somewhere I needed something more hightech than a map. GPS is just a joke compared to this.
Mark was a friend of Van Dutch, and this sign is probably the only Nimbus thing Van Dutch ever painted. I got envious...
More Van Dutch work in Mark's collection.
Kaj and Dave at hells kitchen. Camping and riding the entire weekend.
"Mother's", great motorcycle hangout in Sunset Beach
Inside "Mother's"

Official fish dinner in Long Beach


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