Monday, 27 September 2010

Support T-shirts

Dear all,

As we´re on the brink of bankrupcy these days, done with South America and on the way to Africa, we use the chance to give you the extremely generous offer to support us via buying ultra-super-cool t-shirts for just 20 USD plus p&p. Two different styles availiable, see pictures below, sizes large, x-large and xx-large.

If you ever had problems with your mojo, bad luck, gangrene, back ache, cholestrol, self confidence, here´s the solution. The t-shirt won´t only make you cooler than your mother, it´ll also help for a lot of problems including the ones mentioned above. Even more important, ýour purchase will also save us from starvation the coming months.

Our good friend and supporter Kaj Pedersen from The Nimbus Club USA, California Chapter, is doing the printing and distribution, so go ahead now and place an order by mailing him at A very good idea is to go together with your friends and place a big order together and save shipping, or place a big order yourself and give everybody a t-shirt for x-mas.

Thanks for supporting us!



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