Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Preparing for Mexico

We were in Seal Beach a couple of weeks. Mostly because Kaj, his family and Dave was so nice, but also because we tore apart quite a lot on the bikes. We rode quite a bit together, and in one water hole we bumped into a really interesting character called Mike.

Besides having worked with cryonics, chopping off people’s heads with chainsaw and freezing them, Mike was also a professional race mechanic and ace machinist. He machined my wheel hub and inserted the bearing bushing I got from Fin Ohlendorf, and helped with checking Klaus engine and doing some machining work. Not only was he good at this kind of stuff, he was also the most interesting company we could all ask for.

We ended up riding around a lot with Kaj, Dave and Mike, like rolling morons. Other than that I managed to check and grease up my final drive, bush* my hub and re-lace both of the wheels. Klaus got his engine and tranny checked up and repaired the minor discrepancies.

Big thanks to Kaj, his family, Dave and Mike for great help and getting us ready for Latin America!

–verb (used with object)
To apply a bushing to a hole that has become too big, often related to camping

Mike that we coincidentally met at "Mother's" turned out to be a great friend and asset for machining and fixing engines.
An old friend that sometimes is craving for attention.

We even washed the bikes before the Mexican dust..

Dye-pen'ing the crank at mikes. No cracks luckily.

But a loose main bearing, mike nearled the suface so now it'll sit all the way to hell..

Machining the hub to insert the bushing sent and donated by Fin Ohlendorf. Thanks a lot Fin!

Gathering in Kaj's garden with his family and Dave...
Dan trying to make us Hollywood stars. Wasn't engough to just shoot some footage in front of the sign unfortunately.
Espen Melby

In Kaj's garage, almost like the Bat-Cave
Klaus, Kaj, me, Espen, Mike and Dan

Mike testdrives the bike, he was impressed in a positive way actually

The good bye ceremony, crashing the empty beer can that was produced during the stay. Kaj and Klaus drank awfully lot of beer.


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