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Tanzania has been a tourist destination for quite a long time, and for most westerners’ it´s probably the first country they´d associate with Africa. The most remarkable thing you notice is the speed bumps, which they must have been in Mexico to study. Tanzania probably even beats Mexico in terrible speed bumps. It´s indeed world class, and totally unpredictable how fast you can go over them.

Second, the frequency of accidents is also by far the best I´ve seen in Africa so far. What makes it even better is that you see wrecks so damaged that they look like they´ve fallen from the moon, on places where the only likely way to make an accident is to actually fall down from the moon.

If you want real African accident safari, then Tanzania is highly recommended.


Tanzania har længe været et turistland, og for de fleste vesterlændinge er det nok de første land de forbinder med Afrika. Det mest bemærkelsesværdige man bemærker er fartbumpene, som de må have været i Mexiko for at studere nærmere. Her må selv Mexico se sig slået af Tanzania. De er i verdensklasse, og det er aldeles umuligt at regne ud hvor stærkt man kan køre over dem.

Og så er der ulykkesfrekvensen, der er den bedste jeg indtil nu har set her på kontinentet. Hvad der er endu bedre, er bilvragene der ser så ødelagte at man skulle tro de var faldet fra Månen, på steder hvor det kun synes muligt at lave ulykker hvis de rent faktisk var faldet ned fra Månen.

Vil du på en ægte afrikansk ulykkes-safari, kan Tanzania varmt anbefaldes.

A nice Flemmish dude we met at the border

This guy is nothing less than our first encounter with the civilian population, and such an intriguing character! He had obviously started with a suit with west, that had undergone several modifications. Notice that he has made shorts out of the trouser, then he has sewed the front of the west straight onto the white shirt. Pragmatic, and very stylish. And the best of all: Now he can even wear sandals with the suit without looking funny! We met him at this restaurant/pub where we ate, and he was here having a few beers and preaching God´s good word as he put it himself. It should have been more people around

Klaus, Norwegian guy I met that travels the world on an old Danish motorcycle with sidecar. Nice guy, but what makes people want to travel with that kind of outfit is beyond my understanding

Hun her ville selge hoena si, men jeg sa hun fikk heller forsoeke seg I Ghana

The famous and luxurious Thailand Hotel and Bar

This lot was empty when Klaus stopped to repair his bike. 4 minutes later this picture was taken. You get quite bad consciousness when you stop like this, because you know they will stand and watch you until you leave, and they will get delayed for school and work, all because of you

Traffic accidents are very popular in Tanzania. Here you can see the boys are already busy saving the tomatoes, the driver was not much left of, but the tomatoes were still savable. This is from a very steep mountain pass, and 3 hairpins down the road I met a truck overtaking another one in a blind curve. I managed to throw my bike over the 20 cm concrete edge of the road (and luckily it was just a cliff at this curve) and then the overtaking truck touched my sidecar wheel. In this cases it´s not too funny to have the


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