Thursday, 17 February 2011

Egypt before and after the "revolution"

The press has been moaning a lot about being held up by the police and army in Egypt, they shouldn’t take it personally. Most of us have.

The tourism promotion board has now said it’s all calm now, situation is under control and no problems to return. Bullshit. We have been held up, locked up and harassed by police equally well both before and after the step-down. The army, police and people don’t know how to handle the situation and still acts in a very bad manner certain places.

It should be said that the police, army and sometimes even people has been polite and emphasizing that you should not feel their actions as a threat. However, their actions speak the opposite story. It also speaks a story about a population, an army and a police force that has a utter lack of professionalism, compensated with lack of education and/or to use common sense. It’s still really not a place to travel for over-fragile people.

Before the situation was “settled” we travelled from Aswan to Alexandria. After the situation was “settled” we tried to go from Alexandria to El Alamein to look at the war cemetery, 105 kilometers west of town. The two entries below are two short stories of how the police/army acted before, and after Friday 11th.

From what I’ve seen out there myself I can’t realize how the tourist promotions board can say it’s all under control. How can the people assume that the “professional” army will run this country wonderfully till democratic elections can be held, when they can’t even handle their hand guns and crowds of people?

I’m not going to analyze this situation as I’m more interested and competent in combustion engines, but I assume the revolution in Iran looked at a good idea at the time as well, and the orange revolution in Ukraine at least led to a victory-intoxication for some time, literally.


After the "revolution" everybody can freely go around and shoot happy pictures without any problems with army or police. Everything is calm and under controlled. Yes, indeed...

Everybody is happy and positive, let's just hope it keeps up that way.


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